Who am I?

“You” Nice word! Again “Me” even a nice! What actually you are? A body? A mind? A Personality? A Status? An Icon?
No! Think then Who am I?

You are a Force! A vital force. If you check medical books or spiritual books, you will find the meaning of the force.
To know what vital force is please click here.

Sometimes we think we know everything and no one can rule us! WRONG. ABSOLUTELY WRONG! We are just and just a particle or star dust of this entire creation. There is a ruler above us. You can name them but energy is same. We, humans named it Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh, Allah, Jesues, Guru Govindji etc but who are they actually? Did we meet them? No! Still we believe them. Why? Because they are also a force! A vital force!

Why are they considered as a vital force? Ever thought?