Hello Miraculous Soul,
Let’s start today’s cosmic mail, thanking our supernatural father, Universe.

Question: What kind of child is your favorite child?

Supernatural Father God answers:

“My dear children,
I am your supernatural father God. I always want my children to be very happy. On this question, first of all I want to say that every child is my favorite child. But I understand your question.

The matter is not dear or unpleasant here. It is sad when some of my children have to take turns of this birth and death. There is a salvation door in front of this circle of birth and death, and there is another journey in front of that door which you cannot even imagine. This birth & death cycle is the first stage and its goal is to attain enlightenment and attain salvation. After that another pleasant journey begins, whose goal is very different and you will not be able to understand that goal as yet. The question will definitely arise in your mind, why won’t you understand it? Let us understand this with the help of an example.

One child who has no knowledge of marks. Meaning that the child does not know what the digits are, what is the handwriting of the marks, what is the meaning of the marks. If a child does not know that two comes after one and three after two. In this case if I ask you do the equation of 456 × 328 = how much, then that child will just smile or be worried about what all this is.

Some similar things apply here too. Awareness and salvation is the first stop. This is the knowledge of numbers, so it is very important to understand it first, only then my children will understand the journey ahead and its goal.

So the answer to your question is that I want my children to attain enlightenment and salvation and be freed from the cycle of life, death and deeds. “