Hey Generous Soul,
Let’s start today’s cosmic mail, thanking our supernatural father, Universe.

Question: If one is not supposed to be attached to material world fascination, why was it created?

Supernatural Father God answers:

“My dear children,
I am your supernatural father God. I always want my children to be very happy. Let us understand this answer very easily.

I have created feelings that you experience. And who told my children that they should not fall in any fascination? Must fall, but do not read physical and temporal fascination, but study supernatural attachment Maya. Be enchanted by self-knowledge and merge into the illusion of salvation. Everything that I have created has definitely some meaning and use, but my children use it in different places and that is why they may have heard that fascination distracts you from the path.

There is a very small example. Water can also give you life and water can also give you death by drowning you in. So shouldn’t I have made water? Then how you could have survived? The question is not about the things I made, the question is of the true use of those things, the question is of your thinking system. This is something you must have heard a lot; Some see stone in Shivaling and some see Shivaling in stone. Thinking needs to change, my children. “