Hey Miraculous Soul,
Let’s start today’s cosmic mail, thanking our supernatural father, Universe.

Question: Can we become God?

Supernatural Father God answers:

“My dear children,
I am your supernatural father God. I always want my children to be very happy. This is an innocent question.

I have discribed God before. Still let me repeat one thing. God means the master of all this creation. Now think about it. Have you created the Universe? Can you create this Universe? Can papaya seeds ever grow mangoes?

But, you can definitely become Godly. The goal of your incarnation is to attain enlightenment. To attain salvation. This is the first step. By doing this, you will be free from the cycle of life and death. After completion of that cycle, another delightful journey begins, towards another goal. There is no body. There is a subtle body. The journey ahead will be with the subtle body. That too will be another chapter. There will be seven chapters for you to go through. Similarly, if you cross seven stops, you will have no question. After that you will become like God. “

Any question you will have in this mortal world is very delicate. Ever wondered why you want to be God? What will you do to become a god? If you think out loud then you will definitely have some self centered interest in it. And selfishness only runs in the this mortal planet. Not in heaven. “