Hey Miraculous Soul,
Let’s start today’s cosmic mail, thanking our supernatural father, Universe.

Question: Is time travelling possible?

Supernatural Father God answers:

“My dear children,
I am your supernatural father God. I always want my children to be very happy. Let’s talk about time travel.

Travel is something we all know. But the time travelling is as difficult as it is easy to understand. Let us first understand the time. What happens in time? Ever thought?

Time means experience of life. Let’s know how. Right now you are experiencing a moment in your present which came from the future, which will turn to past in no time. It immediately changes from future to present and present to past. This means that the present duration is very little but very important. If the present is not there then the future will not be there, only the past will remain. So here we go ahead holding the present which is very important.

Travel means experience. What would happen if we cease to experience things in the present? There will be neither future nor present. Only the past will remain. When we stop experiencing, through meditation, then time stops. Meaning time does not affect us.

Now suppose you meditated from 2020 to 2025. Meantime, 5 years were ceased for you, but rest of the world is 5 years older, and you are still in 2020. The moment you come back from the meditation, your time starts again, while sitting in 2020 you are experiencing 2025. and you will feel that in the blink of an eye you reached in 2025 because you did not experience the time while meditating. Your time wasn’t moving. You will not have 5 years of experience which happened to the rest of the world.

It is a little difficult to understand, but it is much easier if it is combined with experience. “