Hey Miraculous Soul,
Let’s begin today’s cosmic mail, thanking our supernatural father, Universe.

Question: What is Dharma (righteousness) in life?

Supernatural Father God answers:

“My dear children,
I am your supernatural father God. I always want my children to be very happy. People see Dharma from two angles. Let’s understand.

There are two types of Dharma. One is the religion of different communities and the other is the real Dharma. We will not talk about religion like Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian etc. We will talk about real Dharma here.

What is our real world Dharma? Dharma means truth. Where there is truth there is Dharma and where there is Dharma, that very thing is truth. But nowadays the use of truth is getting decreased a lot. Unrighteousness has started with deceit and lies. All of you must be thinking how is it possible to use the 100% truth? And I say that 100% truth is the only easiest way.

Nowadays people do not speak the truth because people are unable to face the truth. So should we stop speaking the truth? No. The first thing that we should do is that we should learn to listen and face the truth and then start using the truth.

The path of truth will be bitter and difficult because the practice of using truth has disappeared. But never forget that truth always wins at the end. This is my promise to you. I stand with truth in every happiness and sorrow.

So Dharma is truth and truth is Dharma. Now look at the communal religions, the base of all will be the truth, righteousness. That’s why it is called Dharma. “