Hey Successful Soul,

Let’s thank our supernatural father universe and then start today’s cosmic mail.
If our supernatural father is one, then why did you create so many religions?

On this question, our supernatural father Universe wants to say something to us:

My dear children,
I am your supernatural father universe. You are all my particles. Being your supernatural father, I want to see all my children very happy and successful. Many lovely questions have been asked today.

I am the universe. Everything is ingrained in me. I just created the universe. I created all the creatures and my children are also a part of it. Just as I created a dog, cat and the rest of the lives, I made humans. Human has been given some features but human has misused it. Have you ever heard that this dog is a Hindu or Mushlim? They are not as intelligent as you. Then what was the use of giving human beings the benefits?

What is religion? When a man does not have confidence in himself or until he does not know his powers and wants someone’s support, then religion starts. Do you bring religion from mother’s womb? No. You founded the religions.

When an elusive soul is born as a human and teaches you life, then you become more connected to that person and make a religion named after him. Then more people get added to that religion and it gets bigger. In fact, people don’t take the teaching in their lives. This is how religion is formed.

My children, I have not made religion. Your fear and weakness have given rise to religion.”