Hey Peaceful Soul,
Before starting today’s cosmic mail, thank the Universe- our supernatural father.

Question: What is a soul? And what is the divine?

Supernatural father’s answer:

“My dear children,
I am your supernatural father universe. All my children are the same for me. As my father, I always want my children to achieve enlightenment. Very sweet question.

Let’s start with the divine. I am your supernatural father universe and I am also divine. I am light as a point of great energy. You are all part of me. From such a big cosmic creation to a small ant, everyone is part of me. I am the Surgeon. I am divine, I am the lamp and I am the light. I am the enlightment.

You are all souls. All the spirits that burn with this supernatural lamp are all souls. The light of the lamp does not decrease by giving its light to another lamp, but the second lamp is completely burnt. Your body is the oil of your lamp. Your light is your soul and your wick is the link connecting body and soul. When your oil is exhausted, then your flame will be extinguished and with the help of a new wick and new oil, I will burn it again with my light.

But as long as your lamp is burning, you need to understand that with the same light you either light others or burn someone. You need to have enlightenment that your light is not to burn anyone but to illuminate someone else. “