Hey Sweet Soul,

Let’s thank our supernatural father Universe and then read today’s cosmic mail.

Question: What should be the goal of our life?

Supernatural father’s answer:

“My dear children,
I am your supernatural father universe. I always watch all my children from above. Yes, it is a different matter that some of my children do not look at me. Some of my children have fallen prey to materialistic illusions. But how can I forget my children?

We understand what we see, such as our body, things around, money, position, prestige etc. However we need to see the things that’s not there, which is not tangible, such as our soul. We cannot see the soul but still it’s there. We are alive because of the soul. The well experienced and educated scientists have also started accepting the fact that there is something which is not visible but it is there and our life depends on it. They have given a different name and in medical science the souls known as ‘Vital Force’. You cannot touch the soul, you cannot imprison the soul. This is something that can only be felt.

So my dear children, the aim of our life should be only and only enlightenment. With enlightenment, you can easily reach every area of ​​this universe. The universe is the storehouse of supernatural knowledge. Your goal should be to acquire that knowledge. This knowledge will set you free from birth. Then you will dissolve in me. Then a new journey will start, which you probably have no idea. But my children get entangled in the fascination of this world and are unable to get enlightenment. The goal of my children should be to gain enlightenment. “