Hey wise soul,
Let us start today’s cosmic mail by thanking our supernatural father, Universe.

Question: Why does life require meditation?

Supernatural father’s answer:

“My innocent children,
I am your supernatural father universe. I am the only eyewitness to the journey of my children. I see that my children have lost their way and have forgotten the purpose of their lives.

Meditation is a state in which you can see your soul, you can achieve it. With the enlightenment, you can go to any area of ​​the universe and gain cosmic knowledge. Some of my children are trying to learn this universe with the help of science, but that is not possible. When you meditate, you become attached to the cosmic frequency. Knowledge starts raining on you. This knowledge will liberate you from the cycle of this birth and death and then a new journey will begin. That journey will be even more supernatural. This universe is expanding, you all have to go through a long journey and that is the reason you need to get rid of the cycle of birth and death which can be achieved through meditation only.

Now it is obvious that my children must be getting the question that what is next after birth and death. But I cannot start giving you the knowledge of higher education while you still are in 1st standard. Learn to live in the present. Get rid of the bonds of life and death. And this is possible only when you focus your senses in meditation. “