Hey Beautiful Soul,
Let us thank our supernatural father Universe and move towards today’s cosmic mail.

Why are we not able to succeed even after working hard? Are we making any mistake?

On this question, our supernatural father Universe wants to say something to us:

My Dear Children,
I am your supernatural father universe. You are all my particles and I am in all particles of the existence. I always look forward to helping my children. My children have questioned me today and the answer to this question is also very simple.

When my children come to this world wearing a body, their moral religion is to do deeds (karma). The accounts of the deeds of previous births tells that where my children will be born, how will their fate be, how will their health be, etc. Being your father, I understand that it is a little difficult to accept the last birth stuffs because you do not remember the past life. All the things that are out of our experience, we face a little difficulty believing it. Well, what you are today is due to the deeds of the previous birth and also some circumstances are also based on the deeds of this birth. What has happened so far has happened, but if my children decide now and now that I will not do any bad deeds, then this resolve is also a big thing in itself. As soon as you make this determination, your destiny will also start favouring.

Here is a good example. Right now my children have either come out to take a war with a needle or are trying to get a cloth stitched with the sword, so all the problems are happening. And why this happens? Your destiny! And to change destiny, my children must first make a resolution that today and from now on I will not do any bad deeds. Your destiny will begin to change automatically and in battle, my children will get sword instead of a needle.

Now this is a matter of tomorrow’s karma, but what will my children do if something bad has happened in the past? You should pay attention to me. You spend only 15 minutes of your 24 hours in meditating. It is very easy. Lay a place on a bed and sit steady and upright. Keep your eyes closed and pay attention to your breath. Even if an thought comes, do not try to stop it, instead focus on breathing. Do this daily for 15 minutes. I promise you, as your supernatural father, that I will destroy all the bad karma of your past and past lives. Have faith in me I am your supernatural father.”