Dear Blissful Soul,
Let’s thank our supernatural father universe and start today’s cosmic match.

What is the importance of meditation and why do we need to meditate?

On this question, our supernatural father Universe wants to say something to us:

My Dear Children,
I am your supernatural father universe. I am always with you. I am the only eye witness to every aspect of your life, death, religion, deeds etc. Today’s question of my children is very sweet and the answer to that is even sweeter.

Meditation! Although it is a very simple word, my children probably have no idea of ​​its strength. Being your supernatural father, I will explain the importance of meditation to all my children today.

Mobile! Which is your most favorite tool all these days. Let’s try to understand with an example. The mobile has a body which includes screen, switch, camera, speaker, battery etc. We charge mobile every night so that it can be used on other days.

Something like that is also with us. We also have a body which has brain, heart, eyes, nose, ears etc. We also charge our body daily like mobiles having food so that we can work the next day.

Apart from the body in mobile, there is another thing which we call SIM card. Similarly there is a thing inside our body which we call a soul. How can a mobile phone be used without a SIM card! In the same way, without a soul the body is nothing.

We also have to give food to the mobile soul, that is, the SIM card, which we call recharge or top-up. If you do not have enough balance in your SIM card then it will stop working and the mobile itself will become a failed toy. And if there is enough balance inside the SIM card, then you can talk far and wide and also can join your loved ones. You can take full advantage of that tool if it’s recharged. So what do we do to recharge our sim card? The parent company of that SIM card sells the balance by accepting money.

In the same way, we also have to give recharge to our soul. Now what is soul recharge? The recharge of the soul is the Cosmic Energy which I rain from the Universe. But what does it take to recharge the soul? What does the payment of the soul recharge? Soul recharges by meditating.

So if my children are not meditating right now, they are just like a mobile without sufficient balance. They are not using their full powers no matter how rich or poor they are, but they are like a mobile without recharge. Whether mobile is cheap or costly, you have to recharge.

I want my children to experience their immense powers by recharging carefully which is Meditation.”