Hello Beautiful Soul,
Before starting this cosmic mail today, we will thank the universe for the things that we have. And we will also make a resolution with Universe that we will never be sad to take those things which we do not have.

If we are all children of the universe and this universe is our supernatural father, then why do all of us children have such discrimination?

On this question, our supernatural father Universe wants to say something to us:

“My Dear Children,
I am your supernatural father. I am the universe. You are all my particles. For me, all my children are very precious and equal. I never discriminate among my children. You must be wondering why some child is very rich and some child is so poor? It is very easy to understand this discrimination, if you notice my words. I have created this creation of which you are a part.
Under one example, I taught my two children to light a fire. The first child lit a fire and burnt someone’s house with the same fire. He immediately went mad and burnt someone’s house to show strength, in which he enjoyed for a while. He also felt that I am powerful. By misusing power, the first child made his bad karma. A few days passed and one day another child was passing through the forest, A lion came in front of him. The lion was about to attack him that the second child lit a fire just to save his life. I had given equal strength to both, but both of them did different karma.
Now my children say that I discriminate. No, I don’t. I have always understood all my children equally, but the children are doing their own karma. If someone is doing good deeds then some bad and according to that one experiences happiness and some suffering.
Even if the children are spoiled, I am still a father. I want to see all my children happy. So do not be confused if you are also one of those children who have done some bad karma. I am with you being your supernatural father. Trust me I will clear all your sorrows and pains. You stay connected with me.
Wake up every morning and sit where you slept. Sit straight. Sit with closed eyes. Repeat these lines 7 times: I AM A SOUL.
Do this daily. By doing this you will join me and only then I will be able to help you.
Remember that I am your supernatural father. I always worry about all my children. I will erase all your sorrows. Just stay connected with me.”