Dear Soul,
Before starting today’s cosmic mail we like to thank our supernatural father universe.

Does our supernatural father Universe answer our questions? If he answers, how will we come to know that this is the answer of the father?

On this question, our supernatural father Universe wants to say something to us:

“My Dear Children,
This is a very innocent question. I would be very happy to give this answer to my children. I am your supernatural father. I am the Universe. You are all my particles. My children also know the answers to all the questions, but my children sometimes go astray, so despite having answers they do not believe they are right or wrong.

An example would be very easy for my children. An infant who does not speak and does not understand our language, but the child understands emotions very well. The lonely crying child calms down immediately upon seeing his mother. And the mother also senses from her child’s cry that my child is hungry or he is crying for some other reason. Here, despite having no language between the mother and child, both of them understand each other very well without any doubt.

I and my children have a similar relationship. Do not connect me with the language. Connect with feeling. Language can have many meanings but expressions have only one meaning. And it is very easy to join me, my children. Join yourself first to join me. Connect to one’s own soul. My children, remind yourself every morning that you are not this body but you are a soul. Repeat this daily: I am a soul. By recycling it, you will know yourself and a feeling will be created. I understand that sentiment. Then you will also join me. You will understand the answers to all your questions. I am always with you. I am your supernatural father. I will destroy all your sorrows and pains, this is my promise to you. “