Hey Great Soul,
Let’s get started by thanking our supernatural father Universe.

Can we ever remove the huge negativity in our life so that we can use positiveness to fill our lives with happiness?

On this question, our supernatural father Universe wants to say something to us:

My Dear Children,
It is very easy to understand the answer to this question. All my children are made of my particles, and I am always ready to take care of you all being your supernatural father to remove all the troubles.

Negativity is as difficult to get out of life as piercing one hair and threading another hair in it. But this does not mean that I cannot show my children the way. I have a solution for every problem of my children.

As an example, I will teach my children the solution to this problem. Suppose there is a room in which it is very dark. So the darkness which is there is negativity. If I tell one of my children to go to that room and bring out some darkness from there, then the child will get upset that how to catch the darkness first and if he cannot catch it then how to bring it out. That’s why I tell my children that it is very difficult to remove negativity from life. Then what should my children do? It is very easy. Negativity should not be attempted by removing because all that effort will fail and will bring another disappointment in life. Then what will my children do? My children will light a candle and keep it in one corner of the dark room. Then light one more candle and place it in another corner. While doing this, if I burn a lot of candles in the room, then one day that room will be filled with the light and then there will be no darkness anywhere, and that is the wish of my child.

So this means that my children do not have to try to remove negativity which is darkness, but only to do the work of lighting the light. This means that you have to fill your life with positive thoughts so that negative thoughts will go out automatically.

Remember my children, I am with you in every situation, in all forms, at all times. I am your supernatural father universe and my only goal is to keep all my children happy and happy.”