O Mighty Soul,

Let’s go ahead by thanking our supernatural father Universe for today’s cosmic mail.

Should we wait for a good time to do something or can any work be done at any time?

On this question, our supernatural father Universe wants to say something to us:

“My Dear Children,

I am your supernatural father universe. I have answers to all the questions of your life. I always have the same desire that my children understand self-knowledge (Aatmagyan) and attain supreme happiness.

Today’s question is very easy to answer but the question seems somewhat incomplete. Work means karma. If my children want to do a good deed, then do not see time and start at any time. Secondly, no time can be good for bad deeds.

I want my children to focus on self knowledge first. Self knowledge is the greatest knowledge. If my children did not take this knowledge in this birth, then they did nothing, no matter how knowledgeable my children are.”