My Dear Souls,
You are lucky! You opened your eyes this morning. Many bodies couldn’t open their eyes this morning and their souls flew in the infinity. I want you to thank the Universe before we proceed to the today’s Cosmic Mail.

Universe knows that you are going through many troubles in your life. Your problems or troubles are a part of your own karmas. Accept them by hugging. Now I’m sure you must be thinking why should we hug our problems and troubles? Ever thought? Well, if you wouldn’t hug them out of heart, they would hug you forcefully!
In today’s Cosmic Mail, Universe wants you to learn a technique of overcoming your problems and troubles.
Sit comfortably and relax. Take three deep breathes. Now take any one problem or trouble of your life and think deeply. Universe is so sure that there must be a smaller or bigger factor of fear behind it. Take your time and think about it. Whatever fear you have discovered, accept it. Think and digest what worst can be happened. Universe says that it will lighten your fear and make your brain (which is essential antenna to transmit the cosmic energy) much efficient to deal with the problem or trouble.
After accepting the fear of worst situation think which situation could be considered as relief of the trouble or problem? Think that relieved situation wisely. Now take a book and pen. Write that positive situation 21 times. Write very slowly, write in one line and write in present tense. Make sure you feel that positive situation while writing.
At last thank Universe for the great help towards your trouble or problem and get to the best possible try towards improving the situation. Feel Universe as your God. Trust it completely. Get ready for the effective positive result.
Universe is saying that, “I know it’s a difficult practice when time is tough but trust me. When you will write 21 times with absolute feeling, I will surely give you what you wrote.”