Hey Beautiful Soul,

Let’s start with thanking our cosmic parent; The Universe. You are lucky that you opened your eyes this morning. Many people couldn’t see this morning. Close your eyes and thank the Universe for everything you have.

We all are children of the Universe and this Universe never want to see us in pain. Then why are we in pain? Ever Thought? Universe is saying that you forgot your cosmic parent. You are in pain because of your Karma. But, when you did that Karma in past for what you are in pain today, did you ever think of consulting your cosmic parent? No! You just did that Karma which is causing pain today. If you would have consulted the cosmic parent, you might not have done that bad Karma and you might not be suffering today.

Anyway, whatever happened is happened but now Universe (cosmic parent) is telling you something:
“Don’t worry, my child. Past is past. You might have made mistakes. But, I’m your cosmic parent. I can’t see my children in pain. I’m always here to wash your bad Karma. But, I am stuck because you are not connected to me. You even forgot that I’m your cosmic parent perhaps. Just connect to me and see the magic! All your pains are mine and my all happiness is yours. I will burn all bad karma and you will be only rewarded for your good karma. Hold my hand. Don’t forget that I’m your cosmic patent. I’m everywhere. I’m always with you. Ask what you want, believe in me blindly and I’ll surely give my children what they want. Just don’t forget me.”