Located at the base of spine, Root Chakra is the first and foundational chakra of our life force. It is also the seat of Dormant Kundalini energy. Primary function of this chakra is to establish a well rooted physical sustenance. Subtle function of this chakra is to establish a strong foundation free from all fears related to survival and rise to the next Chakras up to Shahastrara also known as Crown Chakra.

A sense of safety, surviving abilities, robust physical health, activeness of body and alertness of mind, all is the result of a well-functioning Root Chakra. Color representing this chakra is Blood Red, Element is Earth and Planet that rules this chakra is Mars. Imagine the Martial energies of fighting with the predators and surviving though the wilderness.

Root Chakra energies are also what we as babies first experienced with life, i.e. crying when hungry or thirsty.

First impression with life and primary childhood years are ruled by this chakra. At a young growing age, we are easily capable of building the powerhouse for Root Chakra energies.

It is often found in medical researches that people with a traumatic childhood or being raised in dysfunctional families develops Eating Disorders and low immune systems which are both symptoms of ill functioning Root Chakra.

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As we get older, we mostly reflect and response in autopilot mode from what we have unconsciously learned in the past experiences. It becomes a fight with our own self as we try to develop healthy habits and rebuild and balance our Root Chakra.

Some of the other signs of imbalances in Muladhara are as mentioned below;

• Loss of healthy muscles and fat
• Loss of nutrition
• Unexplained fears
• Fear based digestive dysfunction
• Insecurities
• Lack of energy
• Sense of not belonging from anywhere
• Inability to speak truth
• Inability to trust others

As we can see, most of the signs show a “Fight or Flight” function from our internal instincts that were shaped in our early years.

To reestablish healthy function of Muladhara Chakra, we can focus on the following;

• Including healthy fats like Coconut oil and Ghee in diet
• Eating high fiber foods and root vegetables and nuts
• Donating foods to the less privileged
• Cooking for loved ones
• Outdoor sports
• Martial arts and Yoga
• Mud baths and Mud packs
• Indulging in any competitive sports

In today’s day and age, we might have become capable of surviving without much physical effort or challenges but the unbalancing factors of Root Chakra comes wrapped up in economical/financial stress and psychological blockages from the past.

By practicing these things, we can fix all the food, nutrition and fear-based dysfunctions from one’s body and mind and create wholesome and robust health. We may be far from survival mode of the wilderness but this Chakra holds the immense power for further growth and spiritual upliftment beyond survival.