Toxic Relationship & its Effect on Health (When Yin & Yang are far from Harmony) 

According to Indian mythology, the universe was divided into two for and through ecstasy. For play and fun. For desire and pursuit. For increasing attraction and virility. It is by division, we realize union. 

In so called cultured and modern society, we have consciously or unconsciously adapted to the unhealthy lifestyles and attitudes, opposite to our natural energies, creating a disturbance in our default feminine-masculine energy ratios. 

In the divine order of things, nothing is ever incomplete. 
The macro male carries micro female and macro female carries micro male – both psycho and physiologically. 

In order to realize this, what we seek either as a man or a woman is stimulation of our micro element through sexual exchange with the opposite gender. For example; men falling in love through sex and women indulging in sexuality through love. 

Toxic Relationship: Is that even a thing? 

So, is there a thing called Toxic Relationship? Didn’t they tell us we are what we think? Negative or positive emotions being a result of our own thoughts and actions? 
First of all, by engaging in a sexual relationship with other person, we allow our nervous system and Prana (Vital life force) to be merged with them. 

On a positive scenario; Bliss is achieved though playful interplay of two polarities. 
On a negative scenario; Narcissist drains the empathic. Strong dominates the meek. 
What should have been a dance of duality, becomes chaos of imbalance. 
In an ideal relationship, neither is strong or meek, both are equal but opposite. 

How does it affect our health? 

In Ayurveda, Fire & Air are considered masculine elements, while Water & Earth are said to be feminine in nature.

Vayu (air) is responsible for healthy circulating nervous system. And Agni (Fire) for healthy metabolic actions. 

Many physical and neurological diseases in men arise out of imbalance in Vayu and Agni (Air and Fire). 
Below are to name a few. Male pattern baldness 
Passive-Aggressive anger 
Heart Ailments (Men are at higher risk of heart attacks) 
Low sperm counts, Infertility 
Color Blindness (Fire element rules vision) 
Substance dependency 
Sleep Paralysis 
Eating Disorders (Mainly Under-Eating) 
Pathological lying 

Jala (Water) is responsible for carrying nutrition to each cell and Prithvi (Earth) is responsible for physical sustenance. 

Many physical and emotional diseases in women arise out of imbalance in Jala and Prithvi. 
Below are to name a few. 

  • Acne 
  • Hormonal Imbalances 
  • Hyper/Hypo Thyroid 
  • Type 2 Diabetes 
  • PCOD 
  • Obesity (Insecurities of sustenance, gathering more food/earth) 
  • Infertility 
  • Eating Disorders (Mainly Over-Eating) 
  • Anorexia (Insecurities of Rejection, Negative Self-Image) 
  • Hypersomnia 
  • Clinical Depression 
  • Bipolar Disorder 

Energetically, relationship issues can be a result of either or both of the partners being unhealthy towards each other in terms of thoughts, emotions or actions. 
Our bodies and minds become the target for all the chaotic mess to manifest in form of different diseases. 
Diseases of mind, body and energy can contribute to toxicity in a relationship, reverse being also true. Toxic relationships are able to cause ill health upon us too. 
Healing in either of those will result in healing of another automatically. 

The divine marriage between Sun and Moon, fire and water – is only possible when both are complimentary and respectful to each other so that one does not destroy the other or create havoc in system but instead maintain the universal harmony and evolutionary growth, sustaining all the seasons and fertility of the planet. 
Time to time, a natural detox that happens on Planet (Calamities) also happens on Human beings on smaller scales in forms of fights and misunderstandings, to detox the system. It is like medical diagnosis from time to time, telling us which essential love vitamins are we lacking and what ailments we are developing.  

Similarly, we are expected to remove the draining actions and bring in the consciousness of love and support. 
Whether to be sensible enough to realize our imbalances and work on improving ourselves, or be dragged by the winds of destruction is the matter freewill here. 

Passing the storms together graduates us for the next level of rising in love. 
Whereas fearing only creates a fall from love, for the universe has no mercy.  
Only the best stars, species and flowers survive. Denial of growth and evolution is equal to death as per the universal law.  

Shiva Lingam
(Shiva Lingam, PC: Pinterest) 

And lastly, as per Tantra belief, a sign of perfect health and radiant beauty of a person is believed to be the outcome of well-functioning and creatively channeled sexual and emotional energies itself. 
And for the same reason, from centuries till now, serpents have been the symbol of health, fertility, sexuality and rejuvenation. 
And thus, requirement of bodily health is needed to function at best frequency.

Thus, passing through the dark forces and waking the dormant Kundalini energy is the first step towards Moksha (Ultimate liberation).

Just as Shiva Lingam is the representation of male and female energies in eternal unity and in a state of transcendental bliss, the symbol of Shiva’s Phallus is always in union with Shakti – Yoni (Womb/Vagina).
Parallel to Mythology, we were not created to be drained and used by each other to be destructed in the end. But to stimulate the dormant micro force of one another, be nourished and celebrated in order to be liberated together.