Swadhisthana/Sacral Chakra: Alchemy of Water, Sensuality and Creativity

Referred also as Sacral Chakra, Swadhishthana is the second chakra after Muladhara. Located just above Muladhara, between Navel and Reproductive organs. 

After surviving and building bodily health through Muladhara, we become enabled to “feel” life. This “feeling” aspect of our life is ruled by this chakra in forms of sensuality and sense of self. Primary function of this Chakra is Sensuality, Sexuality, Creativity and Emotional Health.  
Life stage that is ruled by this chakra is adolescent and teenage years.  

Like the word Swadhishthana itself means, it is the transition from depending on our caregivers for our basic needs into self-discovery as we grow in our sensory perceptions. 

Color that represents Sacral Chakra is Scarlet Red/Vermilion Orange, element is Water and planet that rules this Chakra is Mercury. Functional nature of this chakra is feminine.

In the body, it rules over our nervous system along with reproductive organs. 

When life energies churns up in Muladhara and Swadhishthana, perfect health is achieved both Physiologically and Emotionally. 

Due to water being pure, highly sensitive and easily polluted, it is also possible we are susceptible to falling into negative side of Sacral Chakra. 

Senses being a binding force between outer and inner world, it is a storehouse of all the sensuality and imaginative capabilities. 
This is where spirituality conjuncts physical body through Tantra. 

Oftentimes it happens that we mess up our Sacral energies by jumping into this either too soon or too much. We use sensuality in compulsion only to regret later as water gets polluted. As a result, then we try to repress our sensory urges, emotions and act out of past experiences and try to act smart which creates more hurdles than growth as Swadhishthana is the seat of pure intuition.

When under negative effects, Swadhishthana Chakra’s energies manifest as below: 

  • Over Stimulation of Senses 
  • Compulsive Sexuality 
  • Substance Dependency 
  • Addictions 
  • Overindulging Tendencies 
  • Creative Blocks 
  • Frustrations 
  • Inability to Express Emotions 
  • Skin Diseases 
  • Disturbed Nervous Circulation 
  • Blood Clotting 
  • Emotion Related Digestive Dysfunction  
  • Hyper Sensitivity 
  • Jealousy, Possessiveness, Blame-Games 

Below are some of the practices for activating this Chakra’s positive qualities; 

  • Visualizing Meditations 
  • Including Naturally Juicy Foods in Diet 
  • Drinking Water Right Before Meditation (Water is fastest element to alter cellular memory, which results in faster healing) 
  • Using Cooling, Aphrodisiac Essential Oils (Jasmine, Sandalwood) 
  • Listening to Soothing Music 
  • Singing/Listening to Late Evening Ragas 
  • Practicing Gratitude for Valuable Relationships 
  • Dancing 
  • Yoga Poses Focused on Pelvic Flexibility 
  • Respecting the Body and Senses and be Truly Grateful for it 
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When functioning at optimum level, Sacral Chakra gives the best of emotional health. 

  • Sensitivity 
  • Inspiration 
  • Heightened Intuition 
  • Ability to create Art and Music 
  • Creativity in Daily Tasks 
  • Ability to Appreciate Beauty 
  • Channeled Sexual Energies 
  • Free Flowing and Enthusiastic Nature 
  • Ability to Influence/Inspire others through Art 

Not all of us are dancers, musicians, painters, but what all of us do have is the creative energy to conduct life’s normal activities in most beautiful ways possible. These feelings of Beauty and Sensuality gives our life a sense of deeper satisfaction and contentment.  
When harnessed in alignment, Swathishthana’s water alchemy gives us sense of self, emotional health, creativity, ability to appreciate the beauty of life and ability to make our lives truly a work of arts.