Till now, you may have considered your “Sun Sign” as the ultimate zodiac sign which rules your personality, traits or behavior. That is one important sign but limited to specific areas of life in addition to study of entire birth chart.

But whenever you go to any Vedic Astrologer, they will always check your Lagna/Ascendant/Rising Sign first and foremost for accurate readings and remedies.

What is Lagna/Ascendant?
“To ascend” basically means to rise.The sign which was rising on Earth’s eastern horizon at the time of your birth is called “The Ascendant”. East is the direction of Sunrise as well. So, the sign and constellation (Nakshatra) that was falling on Earth’s eastern horizon at the time your birth is the personal light/sun of your very soul. Being the 1st house of self and body, ascendant represents “Planet Earth” in a birth chart. Ascendant is called “Uday Lagna” in Jyotisha, commonly referred as Lagna. The very word Uday means “To rise” and Lagna means “Coming Together/Innermost Desire/To Ascend with a desire”.

To sum up, the core meaning of Lagna is soul’s innermost desire to take birth and ascend on this planet to fulfil its Karma. Prana (Vital Life Force) is activated the moment we take our first breath.In a sublet sense, that is the binding element of Atman (Soul) with Physical incarnation (Body), making it our “First Impression” with life that lasts forever.

What makes Lagna Sign so special?
Sun takes about a month to complete its cycle in a sign, Moon takes about 2.5 days, and Ascendant takes only around 2hours, making it the fastest moving sign in a birth chart. That is why, when you see two people with same Sun and Moon sign placements but their entire life will look different, just because of difference in their Lagna sign and degree. (This is also to be noted that if the accurate time of birth is missing, then the study should be made according to the Moon Sign – 2nd most important placement, as without correct degree of Rising Sign and Nakshatra, the chart will not be accurate and results of remedies may not be seen.)

Ascendant being the first house, is our primordial nature, our physical body, health and vitality, also it is our practical day to day reality. It is a “Filter” we see life through, a “Canvas” upon which, the play of all other planets take place.Hence, in most Vedic Astrology’s remedial measures – food, herbs, gemstone, crystals, lucky colors, lifestyle changes, spiritual practices, Asana and Pranayama suggestions will be made only according to your specific Lagna. Jyotisha always suggests to strengthen your Lagna. Rest of the things are always coincidentally corrected when we focus to empower our 1st house, as it is the Pillar of all other houses in a birth chart.This is why according to Jyotisha, the most important aspect of a birth chart is The Ascendant.

Below are the Important points to consider while reading someone’s Rising Sign.

• The Rising Sign & Degree
• Rising Nakshatra
• Nakshatra Pada
• Lord of Ascendant
• Any Planets Present in Lagna
• Any Aspect on the Lagna
• Astrological Yogas Related to Ascendant

See you next time with “Attract, Not Chase” – a blog on hidden secrets about Rising Sign.