The brightest star in the constellation of Taurus is Aldebaran, which comes under the Spheres of Rohini Nakshatra. 

Ruling deity being Prajapati – Brahma, Rohini Nakshatra Possesses the “Rohana Shakti” (Power to Create), like Brahma himself. Rohini has the soul essence of Creating, Growing and Nourishing everything to abundance. 
Rohini also means the “Blushed One/Red One”, like the star Aldebaran, Pinkish Red in color. It is symbolized by the young girl who has just reached the stage of fertility. 

As said in the ancient scriptures, Moon was cursed to wax and wane only for loving Rohini so much that he would not go to his other 26 wives and remain in the company of Rohini for longer period. 

In another famous story, Lord Brahma the creator, lusts and chases after his beautiful daughter – Rohini, captivated by her and forgetting that she is his own daughter until Shiva comes and protects and rescues Rohini. 

Interestingly enough, what makes Rohini so alluringly irresistible is, it is the only Nakshatra that is ruled by two feminine planets, Venus as the Rashi Lord and Moon as the Nakshatra Lord. 
The season that is represented by Rohini is Spring. Gifted with all the soft and sweet qualities, embodying the pure, playful nature of the feminine. 

In a cosmic sense, being so fresh, young and naive, possessing the juicily abundance of all feminine qualities, Rohini is beautiful but inexperienced one. Soft but easily manipulated. Innocent but easily misused. Born, sheltered and grown in the Springfield, she knows no duality between good and bad. To her naïve heart, everything is beautiful and sweet. She accepts everything with grace and with a sense of wonder. 
Rohini is born into Beauty. Fond of food, play, sex, decorating herself and the surrounding. It has the immense capacity of fulfilling your sexual, material or spiritual needs instantly. 
Having such a great power to evoke desire and turn your imagination into physical manifestations, her energies should be protected and sheltered like the holy wish-fulfilling Cow “Kamdhenu”. 

..To be Continued. 

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