Guru, the bringer of light, the slayer of ignorance and a guiding force to reach the divine.

In the Vedic Jyotish system, Jupiter (Brihaspati) and Venus (Shukra) are given the entitlement of Gurus alongside the giver of material prosperity and physical beauty. Harnessing the energies of these two planets give abundant wealth, wisdom and knowledge, lovely relationships and a bonus ticket to the transcendental bliss. Astronomically, they are the brightest planets after Sun and Moon.

As much contradictory it may sound, the path of embracing life’s beauties and proper channeling of one’s desires can grant one the best of both worlds, as said by Lord Krishna.

Our first Guru are our parents, Sun and Moon. Then as we progress through life and if observe the sorrows, we learn through loss and pain and renounce like Buddha, which is a representation of Ketu and Saturn forming Sannyasa Yogas.

Another natural Sannyasa Yoga comes under Abhijit portion of Uttara-Ashadha Nakshtra Pada 4, which has no matching Yoni consort to enjoy the material/physical life with.

The influence of Jupiter and Venus will create Dhana Yogas and make the individual prosper and radiant. This can be used consciously to merge Bhoga and Yoga for channeled spiritual practices even while living in the material world.

As we know, Venus (Laxmi)represents the Wife in a Man’s chart and Jupiter (Brihaspati) represents the Husband in a Woman’s chart, and it has a deeper meaning why.

Venus is Shakti/Energy, Soundarya/Magnetism, Lavanya/Luminosity, Kamini/The one who induces desires and Indrani/Goddess of Sensory perception.

Jupiter is giver of Gyan/Knowledge, Ghanta/Mass, Expansion, Jeeva/Aliveness, Asha/Optimism along with Children, Protection, Nourishment and Joyfulness.

In a deeper sense, everything and everyone that kindles our asleep consciousness is considered a Guru. The reason why Venus and Jupiter are associated with the tasks of Guru is because they can juggle between material and spiritual at once without friction.

Brahmacharya also means, to practice Monogamy in a relationship to avoid over-indulgence and misuse of sexual fluids and material resources. As per classical scriptures, the Guru that redeems the Woman is no other than Shiva/Swami within her husband, and the Guru that enlightens a Man is no other than Shakti/Devi within his Wife.
Thus, Monogamy is considered as a devoted discipline and not as a moral restriction.

The taste that Jupiter rules is Sweet and Venus rules Acidic/Fermented taste. The dhatu that is ruled by Jupiter is Meda/Fat and by Venus Shukra/Semen.

Physiologically speaking, in a healthy union, the man sculpts the woman with his love and desire into a healthy, fertilized partner for creation/procreation. The woman on the other hand, will help the man properly channel his sexual energies and nourish and refine his sensory perception for uplifting concentrated Shukradhatu in upward motion instead of downwards.

Oftentimes, if the Woman has no grace of Jupiter in her birth chart, she will be deprived of hopes, falling prey to depression, unable to trust anyone and try to fill the gap of love with overindulgence into sweet foods, unconsciously storing more fat for the survival.

Similarly, when a man doesn’t have the blessings of Venus, his sensory perception works against him, he needs constant stimulation and indulges into Alcoholism and wastage of Shukradhatu by engaging sexually with multiple women which causes him Khshya/Depletion of Ojas.

The reason why Jupiter and Venus are exalted in Water signs Cancer and Pisces respectively is that Jupiter enlightens us through unconditional love by Protecting and Nourishing, and Venus enlightens us through unconditional love by Devotion and Surrender.

On a surface level, material prosperity, worldly enjoyments and physical beauty are considered to be lower aspects of life by many seekers. The false claims of spirituality belonging only to the renounced beings, have divided Saraswathi and Laxmi, Maya and Leela, Matter and Mind, Knowledge and Wealth. With the notion of duality, we waste our precious Human incarnation, ripping apart the possibilities of union of Light and Sight, Physicality and Spirituality, Filth and Flower. If we look deep enough, duality exists as a tool to realize the ultimate unity, and playful exchange of opposite cosmic energies, operating as one whole universe, interconnected and non-dual.

The players might seem to be two, but the play remains whole, one. Tapas and discipline turn human into divine, Coal into Diamond and the knowledge of light upon the Diamond derives the Prism of transcendental bliss of all-pervading beauty.