Mrigshira is an extension of its previous star Rohini. They are seen in pair. It is Rohini turned into a Deer who ran away from her father Bramha’s lust. Evoking extreme chase and pursuit game in mind of Bramha for fulfilling his unending desires.

Birth of Discrimination and Questions:

Mrigshira or Mrishshirsha – meaning the one with Deer head, is a symbol of waking up from the dreamland of Bramha and Rohini. Becoming aware of its self and the birth of logical and reasoning brain, leaving faith, love and receptivity behind. In other words, it is a life stage where the “Rose Colored Glasses” are removed willingly. It’s symbol Deer is said to be a highly indecisive and fickle minded animal.

Having been woken up from the sweetest of dream, Mrigshira shows the birth of questions, rush of thoughts, having choices, loss of faith and passivity of its previous Star Rohini.

It is a Nakshtra that ranges from Earthy (Artha) feminine sign Taurus to Airy(Kama) masculine sign Gemini. Leaving nourishing stability of earth to explore mind’s desires.

The Beauty with a Mirror:

There are two basic types of beauties.

One that is unaware of itself and is least concerned about using the beauty for purposes other than personal, and another is well aware of it’s charm and arts of seduction and uses it vastly to attract the best of everything.

One is innocent and alluring, another is hypnotic and haunting. One is accepting and nourishing, another is selective and transformative.

Rohini, the unconscious and non-discriminatory child like beauty, turned into an arousing seductress as it became self aware itself in Mrigshira. Rohini is a beauty that just “is” and it reflects whatever is imposed, creating endless stimulating imaginations in others and wonder for herself. It is totally receptive and reflective. Whiles Mrigshira is the beauty that exists but also owns a mirror. It is stimulated by others’ fantasies towards itself and it desires to be desired!

Beauty connected to Mrigshira is of the later one. It is a Serpent Yoni, making it extremely sexual and manipulative, able to put on a show and pose, out of self love and awareness of its ability to churn desires.

Selena Gomez (Ketu in Mrigshira)

Celestial Movie Star:

Mrigshira is called the birth star of Goddess Parvati. She is said to be Trilok Sundari – Beautiful Goddess of all three realms.

If we look at the Mythological “Role Play” of divine feminine, Parvati or Shakti has the most number of roles or characters entitled to herself. Changing from Sati to Kali to Bhairavi.

All the feminine deities are one way or another connected to Shakti.

Wife of the Almighty:

If her beauty could charm her father, it could charm everyone and anyone. Even Rudra/Shiva – The Ultimate Man.

Running and searching Deer in Mrigshira is also a symbol of not settling for anything less than the best. And the best is the Man who overcame his mundane desires (of Bramha) and is able to transform sexuality into divinity (like Shiva). Raising his sexual energy upward towards his higher chakras. She did not settle for anyone, not even Vishnu, who is the epitome of devotion and continued her penance for thousands of years to have Shiva as her Husband.

Obsession with the ultimate is seen in Mrisgshira the most out of all Nakshtras, as it is often called to be “Running through lovers” and never really belonging to anyone unless the best comes along.

Competition and Comparison:

It is a theme of chase and pursuit and thus, it makes it the ideal Star for attracting masses towards it. Everyone loves the one that is out of reach and hard to get, like the celebrities for example.

We throw comments on social media and post our desires for them, collect photographs and fantasize them, even though the chances are close to zero for us to be able to pursue them.

Competition, Comparison:

Mrigshira is a Star ruled by Mars. Extremely competitive and action oriented energy are Mars’ attributes. It makes people start competing with each other to get attention of the best and it also enjoys the comparison of one’s interests to choose the best.

The Fame:

A huge number of celebrities have this nakshatra as their primary Star for the same reason. In comparison with its former and equally seductive Star Rohini, It creates an extremely good actor and performer without being easily crushed under the limelight.

We see a lot less celebrities having Rohini as their primary Star, even though both are highly creative and seducing Stars. Mrigshira is capable of lasting fame and success.

Rohini is still a baby, unaware of its beauty and easily manipulated by even the closest of people because the rational mind doesn’t exist and it sees everything through a sweet filter.

Rohini is the birth of arts and beauty that comes naturally, Mrigshira is the fame of performing those learned arts skillfully and seductively.