New Moon in Purva Phalguni:

Today being the New Moon in Purva Phalguni on Sarva Pitru Amavasya, this is a beautiful time to worship our ancestors and show our gratitude and gain their blessings for us as well as our children/next generation.

Showing gratitude for past is honoring our present and future. We exist because of our forefathers, and honoring them can bless us in many ways unimagined.


In Royal and relaxing sign of Leo, Purva Phalguni is the nakshatra relating to time of Early Spring, Marital Bliss, Procreation, Wealth and Prosperity and inheritance by forefathers/ancestors.

Having soft and sweet themes of love, romance, marriage and children, Purva Phalguni struggles with “Ugra” side of Venus and doesn’t want to fight for his right or Dharma initially. Willing to make peace to avoid Violence.

The test here is having to leave comforts of marriage bed and royal fruits when the time comes and fight for the rights and Kingdom as a family, as it was the case with Arjuna. We can understand about this nakshatra by looking at Arjuna’s life path, his struggles with battlefield and his soft, sensuous nature of pleasing the feminine and cherishing the home life.

Temperament of Venus:

All Venus ruled Nakshtras are – Ugra (Violent/Dreadful) and Adhomukha (Facing Downwards/Depressed). All of these Nakshatras are also having feminine symbols and deities. For Bharani, it is Yoni – The womb, for Purva Phalguni – Bhaga, or Bhagya that opens through women or Marital bliss, and for Purva Ashadha – Apas, the Water Goddess.

Life of Arjuna:

Arjun was said to have his Moon in the beautiful asterism of Purva Phalguni. He impressed Draupadi in Swayamvar by expressing his extraordinary skills of Archery, which shows one pointed focus, that is required in battlefield, as well as in marriage.

Arjun’s Guru, Friend and Chariot Krishna, had his moon in the ultimate feminine star, Rohini.

In the Epic Mahabharata, Kauravas were depicted as the Sons of Darkness and ignorance, while Pandavas were the Kshatriyas/Warriors/Protectors, aligned truly with their Dharma.

Krishna was the Guru and well-wisher of Pandavas, and Arjun was said to be his Param-Sakha or best friend. Krishna being a Lunar incarnation of Vishnu, was loved by his mothers, valued the feminine and always protected and supported the softer aspects of life and fortunes.
Cows, Gopis, Nature, Music and Unconditional love of women.

Connection with Feminine:

If we want to sustain the wealth, women, beauty and feminine forces of the world, we must do so in alignment with the true masculinity that Shukra and Krishna teaches us, not with force of Adharma like Duryodhana.

Themes here are the way Indra’s son lived. Enjoying wine, women and beauty. Romantic and sweet. Purva Phalguni can be bit challenging at times because any planet here will have the responsibility to fight and protect more “Yin” or “Lunar” people/feelings of their life, as Shukra is more “Active” or “Virile” force of life, which is needed to sustain Yin.

Krishna incarnated to protect the softer and more innocent forces of life, teaching faith and love. But when things went wrong, he was the one to teach Arjuna to stand up and fight for common men and women and saving his Kingdom from falling into wrong hands. Exploitation of feminine was the most hated thing for Krishna, Bhima and Arjuna. Bhima was said to have his Moon in the former Nakshtra of “Magha” which is ruled by Pitris/ ancestors themselves.

The Bad that comes with the Good:

Right before Drapadi’s insult, Pandavas were ruling their Kingdom in peace, it was clear that, when a man has all the wealth, beauty and success in the world, it will require him to have “Ugra” or warrior-like qualities to protect and grow what he has, as all the ignorance and darkness will come along with all the success and beauty, which can exploit and foretake the wealth.

That can also mean, mistakes we make when we are at the top, blindfold before our Buddhi/Conscious and wastage of our wealth at wrong places and on wrong people.

Purva Phalguni teaches us to stay true to Krishna or “Shree” which is Laxmi herself, and be truly wealthy in all 8 aspects of life including – Physical Health, Material Wealth, External Beauty, Romantic Love, Children, Courage, Victory and Spiritual Knowledge.

That is why the chariot is driven by Rohini, the Lunar deity Krishna, and not an angry or masculine Deity Hanuman, which represents the pure obedient Planet Mars/Mangal that shoots on the go without thinking or feeling much. He just sits there and protects Arjuna’s Chariot and acts only on command of Shri Krishna or more specifically, on command of a Stable Mind.

Fighting our own Frustration:

Both, Kauravas and Pandavas are within us like Darkness and Light.
We lose our sense of wrong and right when we either have everything or when we have nothing.

Similarly, in case of Purva Phalguni, having everything means, it is time to cultivate “Will-Power” and fight against every darkness that our mind possesses in order to achieve transcendental and 8th aspect of Wealth – Spiritual Knowledge.

We learn from Pandavas that, having everything doesn’t mean gambling it away and falling into ignorance of “False Goodness”, but cultivating our wealth furthermore so that we can relax, rejuvenate and go into our Spiritual Practices without having to worry about Physical or Material wellness. Accepting and cherishing all the beauties of the world fully in alignment with nature, without showing off or shying away.

Pandavas having it all, losing it all and regaining it all shows a theme of learning by fighting with our inner demons when we are at the pinnacle of success and are ready to enter into the 8th dimension of wealth or Universe itself.

Shukra and Krishna teaches us to be truly aligned with our Dharma, be it through self-knowledge (Peaceful way) or struggles (Violent Way), whatever it may take to protect and serve the “Yin/Draupadi” so that no feminine is disrespected, no wealth is misused, no beauty is wasted by the hands of ignorant men as well as protecting our conscious from sleeping and being driven by fruitless desires which can result into over-indulgence, gambles and losses as ultimately, all the material wealth prepares us to enter into the 8th dimension of wealth which is Transcendental Bliss.