Dreamer of Dreams:

Revati is a beacon of light at the Seashore, a beating drum as the last call, indicating that the ship to afterlife is departing. Revati is where we take all our songs, dreams, sorrows and joys with us. No darkness or pain is excluded here in this asterism of Lord Pushan. Everything is welcome, loved and nourished.

All-Inclusive Nature:

While Cancer and Scorpio are called River and Lake respectively, Pisces is the Ocean itself, accepting all water, pure and polluted to flow towards it. Having no discrimination of good and bad, right and wrong, pure and impure. Just pure lifeforce throbbing in all living beings, the destiny of all the rivers. Because in the end, all rivers meet and merge into infinity of the Ocean.

Revati, the 27th and last nakshatra is considered “All Auspicious” and “Most Sattvic” one. This is the cosmic realm where we have lived every dream, enjoyed everything, left everything and now hold no fixed identity of our own and play many characters without ever being attached or identified with one fixed personality.

Multiple Personalities and Creativity:

The symbol being two fishes facing opposite directions, this asterism represents dual/multiple personalities. Having no fixed reality of its own, Revati adapts the surrounding environment and faces the challenge of mood swing and loss of identity quite often.

Because of its dreamy nature, it goes from zero to infinite in a flash and is highly creative and intelligent in the most mysterious way. Many actors, artists and fiction or even occult writers are born under this Nakshtra because of its versatile/watery nature. They can tap into any frequency of thoughts and emotions and can turn any disguise into blessing or vice versa depending upon the planets, aspects and conjunctions.


Just like Ashwini and Rohini, Revati has very playful, hopeful, happy-go-lucky and innocent temperament of a child. Only difference is, Ashwini and Rohini are childlike because they are inexperienced and safe from pain and danger, while Revati has been through all and constantly lives in chaos, and yet manages to effortlessly switch from sad to happy in a flip. As inherently, these natives know the secrets of “Leela” or the big cosmic play that life is.


The negative side of Revati is its overly Empathic nature and risk of falling into unexplained Chronic Depression. It is a very “Wealthy” star, both ex and internally, looking only to enjoy everything that life offers and love as much as possible, which makes them lazy, gloomy and undriven at times.

Despite the gender of native, both men and women drain these people very easily in emotional sense, as they are the eternal nourishers and empaths, attracting many melancholic and heartbroken people towards them.

As they are the least judgmental, all people find comfort and acceptance in being around them. They need to recharge themselves from time to time to avoid catching gloomy energies in their system. They also need to have a safe place for themselves too where they can express their emotions and feel nourished.

The Deathless Death:

Revati is a star of final liberation and enlightenment through all-inclusiveness. Revati is a Guru that teaches by “Play” and inclusion, without notions of false morality or duality. As it is both, the enjoyer and the enjoyment, merged together like Venus in Pisces. Exalted to the spheres of unconditional love for all – Animals, Humans and Nature.

Revati is ruled by planet Mercury, and at its finest, it takes everything as play and games and is least interested in seriousness of any kind. It is – Leela of Hari.

Vishnu is called Hari after the word “Hara” as the color green represented by Emerald, the Gem of Mercury. Wearing Diamonds with Emerald is supposed to activate the effects of Malavya Yoga if it is present in the chart.

Being 27th and last Lunar Mansion, it leads all 26 former life stages to completion and final Enlightenment. It is playful and detached. Enjoying the party of life as well as enjoying the chaos that comes with it. Accepting all facets of reality to shine like a diamond that reflects seven colors through light, along with transformative energies of Mercury – the Alchemist, able to turn any lower metal or human emotions into Gold like consciousness.