Sun, the brightest star in our solar system, is known as a planet related to Divine Light, Soul, and Eternal source of life.

In Astrology, Sun is Exalted (Strongest) in the sign of Aries and debilitated (Weakest) in the sign of Libra. Aries is ruled by the hot and angry planet Mars while Libra is ruled by beautiful and whimsical planet Venus.

Looking at the nature of Sun, it is obvious to see why Sun in happiest in Aries as it is the natural first house of Self which represents Sunrise, East direction and being the ascendant, it represents rising of Soul itself. Aries represents the individual, masculine and raw force of life that walks the path alone, just like Sun.

Libra is 180 degrees opposite to Aries. Libra rules natural 7th house and is considered as the West direction and Sunset. Having totally different qualities like co-dependency, business partnerships, romantic relationships, putting down of Ego, teamwork, loss of self-entitlements and bowing down in love. The hot and individuality-oriented planet Sun, feels at his fall here.

Sun in Libra: Is it really that bad?

Above mention signs for exaltation and debilitations are according to the classical astrological scriptures.
But the question here is, are the luminaries, truly debilitated, ever?

As they shine bright in the skies, and illuminate different qualities of the signs they are in. But in the end, they still illuminate the different stages of “Time” for us. It is only by the Sun and the Moon that we know what time of the year it is. It is only by the cycles of Sun that we experience beauty of different seasons, enjoy variety of crops and fruits, and it is only by the cycles of the Moon that we are conceived and born.

Sun is the cosmic father and Moon is the cosmic mother, being the cosmic nurturers, do they really give bad results in their debilitated signs?
If looked close enough, the answer is NO.

Signification of Autumn – Sun in Libra

If we think of Sun in Aries, it is about Springtime and blooming of flowers.
On the opposite side, if we think of Sun in Libra, it is about Autumn and letting the old and withered leaves fall. Autumn prepares us for the rejuvenation process on all levels: Physical, Emotional and Spiritual.
The Divine function of “Time” must go on for the eternal sustenance.

Sun sets in Libra for this reason. Letting go of everything that doesn’t nourish us and prepares us for rejuvenation when its time again. The ruler of Libra is Venus and Venus or Shukra is known for its “Mrit-Sanjivani Vidya”, meaning, rising from the dead, being born again, being rejuvenated.

Venus also rules over relationships of all kinds, Business and Love. It is the signification of Attachment. In the Sign of Libra, Sun desires for a life which is balanced on all levels. Sun here doesn’t mind adjusting itself a little bit.
This makes it a Spirit that doesn’t mind bowing down, which helps in putting Self-identity/Ego aside. 7th house is metaphorically spoken of as “Death” of self for revival of relationships/partnerships.

Most Beautiful Night of the Year

It is only Possible for Moon to shine brightly when the Sun Sets.

Sharad Purnima, is referred to as the most beautiful, longest and juiciest night of the entire year. Visually and energetically.

It is the night when Shri Krishna performed Raas-Leela in Vrindavan with Gopis and even Lord Shiva – The Yogi himself was enchanted by the beauty and grace of Radha-Krishna and power of devotion.

It is the night of love, healing and beauty. The Essence of Shri Krishna’s teaching is “Bhakti Yoga” – The Path of Devotion and Love. Which is considered the fastest, most playful and innocent path towards divinity.

If loving can liberate us, why choose struggles?

After all, the most beautiful moon of the year occurs when Sun is debilitated. Which eliminates the false notion of Sun being weak in Libra.
Because in the end, moonlight of Sharad Purnima, is only reflection of light of Sun in Libra.

A man in a love wins by losing when he bows downs to the woman who is generally considered as a passive partner. This shows the gender reversal and union through mutual attachment. Likewise, a devotee wins when along with worship, he loves his deity and becomes passive towards his blessings.

When the logical and reasoning brain rests, only then it is possible for beauty of life to emerge in all 16 Kalas. Moreover, Sharad Purnima is also considered the Birthday of Goddess Lakshmi.

Sun in Aries and Vaishak Purnima teaches us the power of Meditation and Self Awareness. Whiles Sun in Libra and Sharad Purnima teaches us the power of Love and Devotion. Both are beautiful and co-existential through the wheel of Time. For the sake of universal harmony between dusk and dawn, Spring and Autumn the Sun must rise but he must also set.