Breaking the Kaal-Sarpa Dosha as of now, Sun has entered the sign of Cancer into Punarvasu, the ultimate Nakshatra to “Begin again”.
Additionally, Moon is Exalted today in the Nakshatra of Rohini in conjunction with Venus. Lovely energies and restart mode will be observed for the upcoming month.

From today forward, marks the best time to reuse our creative imagination in constructive modes rather than being driven by unconscious fear. As the famous saying goes, “Worry is the misuse of imagination”.

Rohini is the Birth nakshatra of Shri Krishna. The essence of Rohini is its creative ability to make imaginations come alive through emotions of love and devotion. Rohini possesses “Rohana Shakti”, the power to arouse and grow into abundance. Therefore, it is the Nakshatra of creativity and imagination possessing all qualities of its ruling deity Prajapati, Brahma the creator himself.

Shri Krishna’s essential teachings embodies the undertones of love, music and beauties of life, and yet he is called the Supreme Yogi.
This explains why “Cause and Effect” are intertwined and if reaching God gives Bliss then generating Bliss can be used to reach God. It is as much about the journey, as much it is about the destination.

Although the energy of this Nakshatra is all-pervading and applicable to all, it is specially very important for people with their – Moon, Sun, Ascendant, Ascendant Lord, Ketu or Atmakarka in Rohini to stir clear of self-destructive thoughts and align themselves with Shri Krishna’s teachings.

In the asterism of Rohini, everything grows fast. Whatever single thought we create, multiplies itself into similar thoughts and similar realities starts to emerge. Therefore, it is very important for us to clear our minds with spiritual routine and set a clear intention as of what we truly want, otherwise the creative powers of this Nakshatra can manifest our deepest fears into reality.

Emotions, when used unconsciously gives birth to chaotic life situations. But when used with the universal harmony, gives fruits and flowers in no time, the smallest plant grows into a strong tree that attracts rain and farmers to harness and nourish it furthermore and cycle goes on effortlessly and beautifully.

Shri Krishna’s association with Rohini teaches us to take the first step towards bliss by being stable in our goal rather than waiting for the outside situations to be steady. In Rohini, Shri Krishna reveals the true essence of “Aham Brahmasmi”, meaning I am the Supreme Brahma, I am the creator of my own destiny. Be it Misery or Ecstasy, we have the creative power to arouse everything into existence.

As we start to self-nourish with whatever little love or emotions we have within us, everything starts to rearrange itself, as outside reality is fluid and ever-changing, shaped by our course of thoughts, emotions and actions.

Falling in love with life makes us more lovable, opening ourselves up to blessings of Shri Krishna is just this, accepting and cherishing the Leela/Playfulness and Rasa/Juice of life with devotion to Hari in our heart.

Allowing life to work its mysterious ways as we unfold the thousand petaled lotus, wonder by wonder, ecstasy into ecstasy.

May we channelize our emotions to create the self-sustaining and ever-flowing transcendental bliss.