Simple yet Logical Astrological Remedy Series

We as humans are habitual to exaggerate things that can be explained in simple language and that can enlighten us to raise our consciousness.

Astrology is the complete science of Time. To understand basic language of astrology is to rise in our awareness of cosmic unity.


Sun represents Soul, Father, Individuality, Fire Element, Electricity, Eyesight, Kings, Patriarchs, Government, Royal Heritage, Individuality.

Sun is a Luminary, which means it’s the giver of light, consciousness and clarity of goal in life. Physically, Sun rules over our immunity, vitality, vision, cardiovascular, digestive fire, health.

Often times people with afflicted Sun are at the risk of above mentioned illnesses. We can include below mentioned activities in our routine life to get optimum benefits of Sun without having to analyze our charts as these are the Universal remedies and can be used by all.

How to be blessed by Sun?

  • Waking up with the Sun
  • Sunbathing during early Hours of sunrise
  • Sun Salutations (Surya Namaskar)
  • Tratak on Rising/Setting Sun
  • Offering water to rising Sun
  • Drinking Haldi and Saffron Milk
  • Drinking water kept in Gold vessel overnight
  • Using Brass utensils
  • Respecting father and fatherly figures
  • Honesty, staying true to our promises
  • Practicing Willpower
  • Fulfilling legal responsibilities on time
  • Using electricity and all power supplies wisely without wastage
  • Fulfilling family duties