Natal Venus Reading (Sidereal Method -Vedic Astrology)

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~ In this reading, you will get;
1) Detailed description on understanding the meaning of Venus
2) Meaning of house and sign placement of your Venus according to sidereal system
3) Nakshatra reading of your Venus
4) Intuitive Recommendation to enhance your Venus according to your chart
5) Was your Venus a Morning-star or an Evening-star at your time of birth

Note: Do not forget to provide us with your date, time and place of birth in order notes! 🙂



~ Known as “Shukra” in Sanskrit, Venus holds many secrets in our birth chart such as matters of love, our wealth, values, luck, general ability to enjoy life and a celestial force that holds the secrets of magnetism and attraction of pulling things towards us that matches our energy.

Please provide us with your Date, time and place of birth along with your Email id to send the PDF. If accurate time is unknown, mention approx time. Also, mention your gender as Venus works differently in different genders in the order notes.

It is a 2-3 Page PDF Document, delivered within 7 days of purchase on your Email address.

~ There are 27 Nakshatras/Lunar Mansions in Jyotisha/Vedic Astrology system which is based on fixed stars.
What makes Nakshatra readings unique is its connection with Spirituality, Mythology and Cosmology.

******Note: the current wait time for Venus Reading is 1-7 Days.******
You will receive an Email with the PDF file.

Also, please note that the Sidereal degrees of planets are slightly different than Tropical Chart degrees, so your existing western chart might show you a different Sign of your Venus placement.
All our charts are based on Sidereal/Vedic Astrology. However, both systems are correct and it is only an Astrologers expertise on any of those. 🙂

We wish to provide you with beautiful insights on your Venus placement and our service is an attempt for you to rise and grow into your Venusian energy!

Please feel free to contact for any query you may have. We will be more than happy to connect. 🙂

Stay connected for upcoming services.
May all of us be watered by love and bloom into beauty..

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  1. Maya

    The lady is amazing and certainly helped me with her reading.

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